It’s time for a mini-overhaul!

You may not know but this blog/website was designed for the Sports Marketing and Media Bachelor of Science (SMMBS) program at Full Sail University and many of my class assignments have appeared on. Actually that is pretty much the only thing that has appeared on it.  But now is the time!  Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing a mini-overhaul to make sure the site is more branded-centric towards me, LeRoy Rooks!  So sit back and start to watch the post as I have now made it a priority to begin blogging on the back side of PR in the Sports World.

Check out the logo’s.  These are first draft only, so let us know what you think.

Do you know what really happens in the clubhouse?

Do you know what really happens in the clubhouse?

It all starts somewhere!

It all starts somewhere!

Did you know they can change colors according to their environment.



About leroyrooks

I was born and raised in Central Florida and have lived here pretty much all my life. I have been always involved in the leadership of major community events and love the profession of Public Relations. Some of the key components of PR I love are branding, social media innovation, event management and community relations.

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