Golfing with Gators

The sports business platform that this assignment focuses on will be Golf.  Golf is a sport according to the National Golf Foundation where 95% of the sport is Male with an average Household Income of $75,000+.   With 65% play the game 20+ rounds per year.  With these few statistics I chose “Golfing with Gators” as my sports business for this assignment.

Website Photo:

This photo can be utilized in a website header because it shows the true nature of the adventure golf course the matches will be played on.  The setting is in rolling hills of Central Florida where every swing could end up causing more adventure.  I also gave the photo an antique finish to show the age of the game of golf.

Facebook Status Photo:

This photo is a great photo for Facebook because it shows three key elements of the Sports Business.

1)   The Golf Ball and Club – With over 26 million people playing golf annually everyone can identify with this little white ball with dimples and the driver that is a main piece of equipment in which $17 billion is spent annually on equipment and participation.

2)   The Sponsor – With corporate media sponsorships being a key ingredient in revenue generation this type of event is sure to gain the eye of a key showcase sponsor.

3)    The Gator – Every event should have a hook and playing golf in a cow pasture with Gators should be key to the extreme sports addict especially the male golfer who represents 95% of the key participation audience.

Twitter Photo:

The Golfing with Gators photo will no doubt get a second look with the Event Sponsor’s logoed ball being placed in the jaws of this North American native reptile.  It not only is intriguing but sure to get a look when the post starts hitting twitter, “Golfing with Gators.”  This is definitely one that will play off the very successful NCAA Athletic program that plays in “The Swamp” on Saturday’s in Gainesville, Florida.


“Perfect Approach Media.” Perfect Approach Media. Demographic data is compiled from a variety of sources including the National Golf Foundation, Golf Digest and Golf Week., n.d. Web. 27 Aug. 2012. <>.


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I was born and raised in Central Florida and have lived here pretty much all my life. I have been always involved in the leadership of major community events and love the profession of Public Relations. Some of the key components of PR I love are branding, social media innovation, event management and community relations.

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